Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thanksgiving words of Warm Fuzzies

It's Turkey Day!
Or Tofurkey Day for some of my friends!
I love this holiday. Especially since we decided to just stay home, me, the DiSH, Mr. Smarty Pants, Girly Girl and Little Man! Oh, and Princess. :)
We are going later to the house I grew up in on Maxim Street to have pie with my parents, my two sisters, and their five boys. My father, or Papa, loves that. So does my mom, the Nanny, but Papa really enjoys all the kids together! He likes winding them up, teasing them, and making them get things for him. :)
But like I said, being here with my Dear Sweet Husband (aka, DiSH) and my three awesome kids, just us, is my favorite part of the day. We are right now, watching Al Roker, Matt Lauer and Meredith Viera at the Macy's Day Parade! Maybe some year I'll actually go! They just said that between spectators on the streets and people watching from windows on those streets, there are 10 million people watching! Do you think they meant tv viewers as well? I don't know! Have any of you ever been in person to watch the Macy's Day Parade? What was it like?!
So things I'm Thankful for...Hmmm. There are so many things! I think I'll list 18 for every year I've been Mrs. DiSH. Here goes!
1. a mild Thanksgiving Day here in Maine that allows me to open the windows a little!
2. the Macy's Day Parade!
3. delicious food that I have help preparing
4. my Girl, who is so awesome. She's beautiful, smart and funny!
5. my eldest son, who is so helpful, loving, and so grown up at 15.
6. my miracle baby boy, who makes me laugh ALL the time, and is such a reminder of how precious life is.
7. my DiSH. my man. my best friend. my lover. my jokster of a husband. my protector. my soulmate! Andy.
8. my home that has been since October of 1995.
9. my mama. I do love her so.
10. my dad. and for all he is.
11. my younger sister Kim.
12. my youngest sister Jessica.
13. for the chance to go back to school. I'm learning!
14. my home church that has been since I was 6.
15. great friends that understand me, talk to me, accept me for who I am.
16. the small christian school my kids attend, and great teachers that double as great family friends.
17. my life as a mother and wife.
18. my God. for His grace. for the promise that if I just lean on Him, trust Him, love Him, give it all to Him, that He WILL take care of me. for the promise that He will return and take me to the home He is preparing for me. for the Bible. for all it says, and for the understanding of His words. for prayer, my life-line. for the ability to hear Him. Thank you Jesus, thank you....

Tonight the DiSH and I are leaving the kids with my best friend Sandy, and we are going to volunteer over night at the Ronald McDonald House in Portland Maine. I am looking forward to being there. It was and is such a part of our lives now, since almost 2 years ago when we lived there, visiting the NICU daily with Little Man. I am also just looking forward to some alone time with my hubby! 18 hours of it. Yep, I've got it down to the minute!

Watch for pictures of my whereabouts and loved ones tomorrow, and then next week, I am going to do my very first ever give-away! I'm so excited!!!
Love you all bloggy friends, and I am very thankful for YOU! You have accepted me even though we have never met, and that is sooo awesome!
Now go eat!!

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  1. What a wonderful Thanksgiving post Lisa! It sounds like you had a great day planned. And the day with your DISH sounds delightful! :)


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