Tuesday, November 10, 2009

My True Story, sort of like hers!

I've never written a True Story Tuesday, but after reading Tara's True Story, and being reminded of something that happened to me, I thought I'd take part today. Maybe my story and hers will start some weird trend today of "Walking Into Doors".

My True Story is about when I was pregnant with my daughter Mikayla, 11 years ago. She was a big baby, and I went all the way to the day before my due date with her. My pregnant belly was HUGE. It was the middle of the night only days before she was born, and as usual, I needed to get up for the umpteenth time to go pee. It had been such a routine for the last nine months, that I barely opened my eyes when going from my bed to the bathroom. I truly believe that the need to pee so often while pregnant is a preparatory mechanism for when your baby is born and you need to be up umpteen times in the night. Heading for the door with half-closed eyes is stupid. It was over even before I knew what happened: I had walked right into the door, but not the big wide flat side that you would hit if the door was closed. No. Instead, I had walked into the edge of the door; the part that is only two inches wide. A big "UUGGGHH" escaped my lips, and my husband sat up quick and said, "What? What happened??" I replied with, "The baby ran into the door." It was one of those moments where in your head, your words are different than what you say. The DiSH then said, "what baby?" I was not amused, he should know what I mean right? What baby. Duh. The baby in my gynormous stomach!!! Yes, I had run into the edge of the door...but it was not my head that took the brunt of the hit. It was my baby belly. I had even literally bounced backwards a bit! All was fine, and after going pee and crawling back into bed, I fell fast asleep again. It was the next morning that a few good laughs were had, as we rehashed the night's events. True Story!!


  1. I remember my belly bumping into the door every time I went to the bathroom at church. The first time it happened, I realized I was getting big.

  2. When I was telling my mom about my story, she said it was a good thing the door was shut and I didn't do what you did. I probably would have broken something like my nose I just had surgery on. I cringe at the thought. Yeah those pee trips and bellies....I remember well!!

  3. You and Tara have been telling some belly busters! That is for sure! "What baby?" Come on! I think I would have popped him one right there! :)


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