Monday, October 5, 2009

What Song is YOU today?!

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My song makes me cry EVERY TIME. I wasn't going to pick a weepy song, but it's Tara's fault!! (hehe) She has a little boy that is about 7 weeks younger than my Little Man. Her little one was born on my son's actual due date! Her song (go visit her page, you'll get the story a LOT better!) reminds us how time flies so fast, and our little one's, as well as our big one's, grow up way too fast! My song is He's My Son by Mark Shultz. When Little Man was born early, and the in NICU for weeks, and then rehospitalized at one month for more weeks in the hospital, I listened to this song a lot. Listen, and you'll get it a little better....

It wasn't the best I've heard it, but you get the point! Our Little Man was dedicated at church on his birthday last year, and the DiSH sang this song, while pictures of LM played on a screen. I guess I should work on getting THAT into a music video! Thanks for watching...go link up at Tara's, share your Music Monday!

Little Man, 2 days old. See why he's called Little Man?! He looked like a little old man!


  1. It's raining here so kind of a good day to pick a sad song I guess. I'm on the desktop and can't listen to this song but have heard it before. Great choice! Enjoy the day with your Little Man!

  2. So sweet! Caleb is a sweetie! I LOVE your new look.

  3. That is a great song!!! I am just gonna be crying today!!LOL great blog!

  4. Hopping over from Tara's...that is a great song. I have played it over and over for the last 2 years as we have face so many uncertainties with Joshua's health. It's so hard to be a parent of a sick child! This song makes me cry every time no matter that I have listened to it hundreds of times!

  5. I'm loving your new Autumnized blog look! Glad I dropped by today! Have a great week!


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