Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Tootin' My Horn

I've been wanting to join this blog carnival for a while, and finally did today. It's not an easy thing for me, to pat myself on the back! Doesn't seem to humbling. But everytime I read someone's Toot Your Horn, I love them! I give them a litle outloud 'You Go Girl'. So here's my Toot Your Horn Tuesday post:

1. I took the kids to the apple orchard on Sunday and we picked more apples then we really need right now. So I vowed I would cook a lot with them so they don't rot! So far, I've made two apple crisps, and two batches of the DiSH's favorite Apple Coffee Cake! Yum!

2. I cleaned out Little Man's closet, filling a big garbage bag with hand-me-downs for another preemie miracle I met at the Ronald McDonald House exactly one year after Little Man was born. She lives only 8 miles from me, so I can easily pass down these much-needed clothes. I went through all of the clothes that do fit Little Man, and added a few pairs of pants from Walmart to complete his fall/winter wardrobe! Ahhh!

3. I grew approximately 35-40 zuchinni in my garden, frozed a lot of it, cooked a lot, made zuchinni bread, and gave away a lot! Because we know zuchinni does so well here, we have a plan to do a bigger garden next year of JUST that, and have a small roadside stand selling it! We lost all of our tomatoes to "blight" (or is it "blite"?) and the cukes just didn't grow. The broccoli got some weird worm in it.

That's it for this Toot My Horn Tuesday! What have YOU done this week that deserves a pat on your own back?!


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