Wednesday, September 9, 2009

New Look, and a New Friend (for you!)

I know, I know, I changed it again! I just wasn't into the purple! And, I was having too much fun making the headers! The little owl doesn't make much sense really, he's just there because I like him. :)  I have been searching, and searching, and    s e a r c h i n g   for a header or blog background with houses or homes but have not had luck yet. I live in the country (although not country enough...there is a major route nearby), so green is what I see lots of right now. In just a few weeks, it'll be really colorful here in Maine, so I may just change it up again! The name however, will remain the same, as I'm At Home is my life. :) So anyway, I hope you enjoy the green leaves and my little friendly owl!
I'd like to introduce you to a new blog and a new friend, I hope! My mother, Brenda, has started her own blog. She owns her own quilting business here in Maine, and it has become quite successful. She machine quilts (verb) the quilts (noun) that people have created and sewn the tops of. She puts the top, the batting and the back piece on her machine, and does wonders as she ties them all together with the quilting. I have many quilts here in my home that she has done, and so do many people around the world! So here she is, My Mom....Closson's Quilt House ! Please visit her, follow her, tell your quilting friends about her, and watch for more pictures soon to come of quilts she has done. Below are pictures of my three kids with quilts that Nanny made them!
Enjoy your night bloggy friends!


  1. Your mom's link isn't working :-(

  2. Cute header! I still haven't found the time to really play with fixing myself a new one. Something about this house and these two girls that keeps me busy!

  3. Hey Lisa. I like the owl, too! He's cute.

    Now, are you aware that the 2nd picture (of your son) is not showing where we can see it? I only see a TINY tiny bit of the edge, so I clicked on it and then was able to see it when it opened on it's own page. But thought you might want to go in and fix that.

    Happy Thursday!


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