Wednesday, September 30, 2009

I was Busier THEN, THAN I am now.....

Ahhh! A NOTHING day! That's what today is. It seems like I have been out straight since last Thursday. We went away over the weekend, had a great time with family and church friends at Camp Lawroweld in Weld, ME. I went there to camp as a child, and worked there as a teenager. We ate good food, fellowshipped, played games, worshipped together and got lots of exercise! Little Man loves to be on the go all the time, and loved the wide open spaces the camp has! He slept great at night too!

The last two days have been full of doctor's appointments, teeth appointments, and lots of hours in school an studying. One Monday a month, I go to school for a class that is online the rest of the time. I wish it was 100% online, because this teacher is a fruitcake. He doesn't know I blog, so I can write about him! The class is Intro. to Health Information Technology. I have been excited about this class because it will hopefully open up to me, what this progam is all about. So far though, this guy hasn't really gotten into it! We had to write a reaction paper on an article that a friend of his wrote, concerning the new Health Reform Bill. I like writing (hence, the blog!) and I kinda think I'm not too bad at it. Well, the teacher spent the first HOUR of class Monday, talking about nouns, verbs, pronouns, and the difference between the words THAN and THEN. Seriously? He had a point when saying that in the work field, proper grammar is very important, and that we should practice it now as much as possible. But an HOUR? I really felt like he wasted my time. The next assignment is basically to go to a website, and answer questions that I can only get right by visiting the site. Very easy, nothing learned. Needless to say, I am enjoying my Anatomy and Physiology class much more! We looked at samples of connective tissue under the microscope lastnight, and also fingerprints. Very cool! Did you know you can actually view, via microscope, the meissner's corpuscles that allow us to sense light touch, like a fly landing on your cheek, and pressure, like leaning against a wall? I didn't know that!

At the doctor's office (my lovely so-looked-forward-to annual visit) I was disgusted with how long my doctor had me waiting in the exam room before she entered. Wanna guess how long? ONE HOUR. I got there on time, but the nurse did not come get me until 15 minutes later. Then, after blood pressure, weight check (worst part, I think), pulse, pee in the cup, yada yada, she took me into the exam room, gave me the cute little nightgown, and then said, "the doctor will be with you WHEN SHE'S READY". Not, in a minute, as soon as possible, no. When she's ready. That should have been a clue. And so THEN (did I use that word right?) I waited for 60 minutes. I didn't just scan the latest O Magazine, I read every article! When she finally came in, she was as sweet as pie. And me, being the ever oh so nice (and cowardly) person that I am, didn't say a thing. The appointment went great, I'm healthy, minus the "few" pounds I need to get rid of. But I still think I'm going to write a letter saying What The Fudge?!!! My time is precious! I had to race home, feed Little Man quickly, go get Girly Girl from school, and race to the dentist for them. No cavities, yay! Then it was race home, change a diaper, kiss the DiSH, and off to 4 hours of A&P it was.

So now I sigh a big sigh......S  I  G  H !!! Drink my second cup of coffee, contemplate watching "The Good Wife" online, (that show looks interesting, anybody else watch?) and wait for the DiSH to come home and take me out to lunch! That's better THAN dirtying up the kitchen, right?!


  1. I actually don't mind waiting at the dr's office because it's alone time!!!!
    The Good Wife looks like an interesting show, but I almost never get a chance to watch anything. :-(

  2. Oh my goodness.... I'm sooo jealous!

    What I would give for a 'nothing day'. I haven't had one of those in a while! And trust me, I NEEEEEEEEEEED one!


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