Thursday, September 10, 2009

Have you played around with Google Picasa 3 at all? I noticed one day when posting and adding pictures, a small little Windows symbol of sorts, and saw that it said something about doing more with your pictures. I hadn't checked it out yet until my Mr. Smarty Pants genius of a 15 year old came home from school today and downloaded the program for me (he also just explained the difference between downloading and uploading....who knew). The collage above is from the Labor Day Parade here in my home town! I did it quickly, because I am leaving for class soon, so didn't have much time. Can't wait to sit and play around with more features on this program! It is wicked (new england slang, sorry) user-friendly. Have fun!
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  1. Hello.I am Grace and haven't been blogging long.I had nothing better to do then sit around reading new blogs.Preemie babies are such miracles.I managed 5 preemies.Have a great day!Grace


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