Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Test post and a teeny weeny update...

Hi all, just playing around with my blog.....not too happy with the header, I think it looks a bit bare! But it will do for now. I started Anatomy & Physiology last night, and sure is threatening to kick my butt! I am having to re prioritize my life a little. :) Gotta go for now though....supper is ready, and then the DiSH and I have a shopping, kidless! YESSSS!!!  


  1. Girl, you're getting pretty good at designing your blog. Did you do the header yourself? I agree, it's a little bare, but it's still cute!

  2. I like this background a lot better. I guess you mentioned that program but I never checked it out so let me go do that now. I'm gonna email you a secret right now.

  3. First of all how did you get to be kidless?!?! No fair. But at least i get to I almost chose this blog design but felt it was too bare also. You will get it soon. It will click when it looks right. I am ready to change mine again too.


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