Thursday, August 27, 2009

A Poet Amongst Us, Three words in a Row, and School Days School Days

I know a great poet. I know her very well.
She's only 10 years old, and I think she's real swell!
Okay, so I'm no poet myself, but I'd like to present to you, here in print for her very first time, an original poem by none other than 
Girly Girl !!
I went to the beach
I went to reach
Out to the sand
Beneath my hand.
This poem was published in a small paper called the "coNNECtion". It is a paper within the realm of schools in our church's conference. She studied poetry last spring and loved it! We are very proud of her. I can't wait to read more of her work in the future, and share it with you!

Little Man also said two three-word sentences yesterday:
"Movie....all done."
"I want Mommy."
Yay! He likes to tell us things, and even though 75% of what he says is still jibberish, a word or two or three will come through that we understand, and with those few words, we can figure out what he's trying to say! He's not a man of few words, although he is proving it is only a few words that we need!

Mr. Smarty Pants is not looking forward to starting school on come the days of getting up at 6am or so, showering, putting on the clean clothes he layed out the night before wrinkled pants, scrambling for his books, laptop and calculator, eat a bowl of cereal because it's what he prefers mom doesn't cook in the morning, grab the lunch he made himself that mom DID make for him and rush off to sit all day at a desk, watching the clock to strike 3pm! Gone are the days of staying up until the wee hours of the morning on the computer, chatting with his best friend who lives across town and sleeping in until 10am. I hear violins, do you? Yes yes, little tiny violins!

Anatomy and Physiology is threatening to kick my butt still, but victory shall be mine. On that note, I should go and open a book for a bit before I count sheep for the night! Sweet dreams!

Oh yeah, and this:
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