Monday, July 13, 2009

Monday Not Me's again...

It's time for Not Me! Monday. I love this....Here's how if you want to join:
Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

Hmm..where shall I NOT start? I made spaghetti last week, and when I drained the spaghetti in the sink, I did NOT lean over the steam, thinking I could get a quick facial in while making supper! Not me!

I did NOT let my Little Man have a small bowl of Cheezits for breakfast one morning, and did NOT pour milk on them when he let me know in his toddler way that he wanted to eat cereal with the Cheezits!
I did NOT sweep the kitchen floor and proceed to sweep the dirt under the carpet near the door, telling myself I'd get to that later, only to procrastinate and hope no one noticed the slight lump in the carpet all day. Not Me!
While at church on Saturday, I did NOT continue to tell Little Man that we were praying so he would keep his hands folded and little mouth quiet even after the prayer was quite over and the sermon had begun. Funny how he will be quiet forever if I just keep saying We're Praying!
I did NOT laugh right out loud when reading MckMama's Not Me's today, when she wrote about making list's that include making list's on them, and also writing down things that are already done just for the satisfaction of scribbling them out!
I did NOT go outside the other evening and diddle-daddle around in the yard while waiting for the DiSH to just change one freakin' diaper, PLEASE!!!!

haha!! Okay, that was fun. Your turn!! And do NOT say you have no Not Me's!!


  1. Hey~ thanks for stopping by! What are you going to school for? I am a non-traditinal student too~ good luck! Great NMM post!

  2. I love these! So funny esp. the changing diaper and the praying ones.

  3. hahaha...I don't do those things either!!!

  4. LOLOLOLOL!!!! Girl, you are tooo funny! A steaming spaghetti facial...LOL!


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