Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Blog Hop ~ Favorite Recipe or Dish

I am posting two VERY kid-friendly recipes today. It's summer, and I like to make things for my kids that I don't normally during the school year, because of how busy we are!
Recipe Number 1: Flour Tortillas with Bananas, Peanut butter and Honey
This recipe truly is self-explanatory....Lay the tortilla flat, spread with peanut butter. Cut up, OR, just lay the banana on one edge of the tortilla, drizzle with honey, and roll it up! The kids love this fast and easy snack. For little ones, maybe skip the honey so as to also skip the mess!

Recipe Number 2: Ice Cream Cones filled with Cake! Yummm!! Make your cake batter like normal. Stand 12 plain ice cream cones in a 12 muffin pan. Fill the cones 1/4" from the top with cake batter. Bake for the length of time required for cupcakes. Let cool, and frost how you'd like! These are so easy for little ones. There's a handle on their cake! And very fast too, there's no slicing cake or even dirtying plates!


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  1. i like the cupcake cone idea too!! never knew you could do something like that.

  2. I am going to try the tortilla thing for Blaze and might use the cupcake cones for his birthday party coming up. Yikes just a few weeks left till he is 2.OY!

  3. The peanut butter, banana, honey tortilla looks awesome!

  4. My eleven year old chef saw these recipes and immediately asked if he could follow your blog (smile).


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