Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Be A Lady!

He called me a Lady. Me. A lady. Really?
Yesterday I ran an errand for my hard-working carpenter husband. He needed a piece of flashing for a job he was working on, and taking the time to run to the lumber store to get it would set him back a bit. Yeah, I don't know either, what flashing is. Something he needed though. Little Man and I got in the van, I turned on Curious George, and we headed out. When we got there, I went inside and asked the young man at the desk if the flashing was ready for my carpenter. He said he'd check, please hold on a minute. He walked over to a phone that was on the wall, and using it like a microphone, he said these words: "Alan, please come to the front, there's a lady here that needs help." I smiled. Chuckled a little bit even. Me? Was he talking about me? I'm not a lady! A woman! Am I? Then why, on the inside, do I feel like such a Girl? Aren't ladies tall, head held high, always clean, neat and proper? Aren't their homes always in order, dinner always cooking, a pie always ready for dessert? Aren't ladies good role models, always leaving a wonderful impression on all those they come in contact with? Nooo, not me. I'm not a lady! I still laugh at SpongeBob! I like to eat cereal straight out of the box, in fistfuls. I like green nail polish! I still love Barbies, Disney animation movies, Easy Mac, and pancakes shaped like Mickey Mouse. I pout. I whine. I procrastinate. I fib. Sometimes........'yes dear, I did 5 loads of laundry today while you were hard at work!' Does a lady do these things? Do I look old? Is Old a good description anyway, of a lady? If you are an active Facebooker, then you know what "applications" are. It's many things, from games to quizzes. I recently took the "Which Woman of the Bible are You?" quiz. It asked me 6 or 7 questions about things like, what are my priorities in life...what kind of mother do I want to I brave, strong, passive, etc. My result was:

Lisa took the Which Woman of the Bible Are You? quiz and the result is Mary, Mother of Jesus.

You are like MARY! You understand that you are not the center of the universe, and that you must serve the greater good. Don't let anyone tell you that being virtuous and obedient is a bad thing!

Wow! Mary, Mother of Jesus.....really? Mary was a lady, right? No question there! I can certainly relate to understanding I am not the center of the universe (thank God!) and I always want to serve the greater good. I've always been obedient, and proud of it! I felt better about that Lady comment after taking that simple little quiz. I am proud of who I am, and will continue to do what my mother always said to me, "Be a lady!" Thanks mom, for instilling in me the virtues of the likes of Mary, the most wonderful mother on earth there ever was.....a Real LADY.

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  1. Heehee, I am not a lady either and spongebob can be pretty funny. I also like to eat cereal out of the box and play the seafood game with hubby. I don't let Blaze see though.


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