Sunday, May 10, 2009

My Mommy's Day

I hope that all the Mommy's that visit me today are having/had a GREAT Mother's Day! What did you do? What was your best Mommy Moment today?

We went kite-flying this afternoon. First though, we went out to breakfast, then rode around the long way home, shopping at a few places, then some more riding while Little Man slept. He does better in the car now! Thank goodness for dvd players for the car, and Nemo!

The DiSH and I are going out for a quick "alone time" bite to eat after I get Little Man down for the night, and Mr. Smarty Pants and Girly Girl are staying home with him. I just need some of my man, without the kids, for just one hour or so!

My best Mommy Moment? Hmmm...I think it was when Girly Girl gave me my present....home-made and in her bedroom since Friday. She made it at school. Or decorated it, I should say. It is a flower pot, with a SunFlower plant! Can't wait to plant it outside tomorrow, when the weather is a little better! She was so happy to give it to me, and was the only one (the only girl too, ahem) that did anything home made! After it is planted, we want to take pics of it, once a week or so, to "watch" it grow! We will post those pics....I will make her stand next to the flower! Yeah! Good way to get those pics of Girly Girl that are so hard to come by! Here's what she did last time I tried:
So Naughty!!!!
Anyway, hope you ALL had a great day, wherever you are in this great big world full of great mommies!


  1. My best moments have been when Andrew says ma-ma, ma-ma. Remember, his favorite saying has been da-da, da-da for what seems like FOREVER! I told Dwight a few minutes ago that was the best gift I could have received and it was free!

  2. Lisa, glad you had a special day. My best moment of the day was driving back home to my family while eating Sushi. Mmmm....


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