Friday, April 10, 2009

And now there are Nine...

So, was looking again at my followers, and noticed that the number had gone from 9! Yesterday, I was collected (if you're thinking, What? Collected? what does that mean? Read my last blog, where I talk about how I collect bloggers, aka, who I follow). And, to make it even better, when I clicked on the little shadow of a person, it was none other than my little sister. :) Hi Kim. :) She doesn't have a blog yet, but I bet it won't be long!
"I'm At Home" is my second home. A place where I have met and know people that know me through my words. And pictures. We can't forget pictures. Although, I always forget to do the Wordless Wednesday! What is Friday? Anything special? I should make up something....Hmmmm. I'll think on that! Any ideas?
I twittered a few minutes ago about my "sweet" sleeping husband. He is. Sleeping. In the recliner, about 2 feet from me. He works four 10 hour days so that Friday he can be with me. Our oldest two are in school from 8am-12pm, and Little Man's nap is from 10am-12pm. So, I love these two hours. Just us! I know, I know, what am I doing on the computer, and why is he sleeping! He has a bad headache. And I am enjoying LM's nap time, here on Blogger, because it's what I do on the other four days of the work week. :)
After Mr. Smarty Pants and Girly Girl get home and we eat (the DiSH was talking about the pizza buffet at Pizza Hut...wanna come Kim?) we are going to do some yard WORK. Right now, our yard looks SOO bad. We are the dumpiest looking place right now! Sleds, shovels, trash that has blown in our yard throughout the winter and trapped itself in our bushes and trees, etc! My blueberry bushes (trees really, they are as tall as me) have had a hard winter too, and need some pruning. The cover will come off the pool soon, and the DiSH promises that in May, he will clean it up good. There's no hurry, its chilll--llly here! Snow is still melting.
I must go shower now.....yep, haven't yet. :) But the kitchen is clean, and all the floors/carpets are done, and the van is clean! And I'm done rambling. How about Famous Friday?, who famous have you met, or would like to meet, or in what other ways could Famous be applied to your life??? hhmmmmm.......maybe.... :)


  1. Sounds like you have had and are going to continue having a busy day! I'm doing my housework today too.

  2. Your yard ALMOST sounds like mine, but I think you won the award with the sleds and shovels. We have ball spots in the grass from children playing and the bushes are looking like Alfalfa's (spell check) hair at the top.

    Enjoy your pizza. I hope we go out to eat also. It'll probably be an AYCE restaurant. (All You Can Elephant)

  3. You know, I usually am on blogger during Maggie's nap too. I probably should do something more productive, but here lately it's been my only private time.

  4. I'm glad to be one of your nine!

    Winks & Smiles,


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