Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Today is parent/teacher conferences. Some kids hate this day! And so do some parents. And I bet, some teachers! But not me, or my kids. It's a great day. I have the smartest kids in the northeast, did you know that? No? Well now you do. :) Mr. Smarty Pants is a freshman. I've talked before about how my kids go to a small christian school. It's reeeaaallly small. He's one of 4 freshman! The classroom is ninth and tenth grade combined. There is only one tenth grader. The two classes do the same curriculum, and the teacher rotates the 9th and 10th grade each year. So this is the "on" year, and Mr. SP is lucky to be doing the 9th grade curriculum. On the "off" years, geometry comes before algebra, and that's hard for them. He is a straight-A honor student, and very proud of it! English Literature has been his challenge this year. They just completed reading/studying Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet. He wrote a really good 1000-word paper! The Girly Girl is in fourth grade. She is sooooo ready for fifth! Her classroom is grades 1-4 combined. There are 13 students! It's this time of year when the fourth grade kids have had enough of the "little" kids, and are ready to move on! She was the winner last week in a classroom wide spelling bee, each grade spelling grade-appropriate words. She was well into fifth grade words, and won. So proud. :) GG is quite the reader. They get prizes for every 10 books that they read, and she showed me her 4th list of 10 this morning.....since Christmas! And these are chapter books. She too gets straight- A's. She is known to be the leader of the classroom, and the peacemaker.

On the 20th of March, Mr. Smarty Pants was baptized. It was an awesome event. And on my birthday no less. :) In front of a full church, filled with caring friends and family, he publicly gave his life to Jesus. He knows his Bible SO WELL. I am continuously learning things from him! I know God has great plans for my young "man"....oh wow!! He'll be 15 this summer.

I should write about Little Man! I have not updated his baby book in a while, and thought, hmmm, it's so much faster to type! So, I am going to do the updating here, and later, when I have some time, (after my finals!) I will handwrite in his book along with the minor scrapbooking that I do also. He's 15 months and 11 days today. Here is his list of words as of today: Bah-bee (baby). Mama. Dadda. Joey. Sissah. Dog. Papa. Nanny. Joshie. Anen (amen). Bye (not bye-bye, just bye!). Hi. Bubba. Ny-Ny (night-night). Ba (bear, his favorite stuffed animal). Ball. Ca (car). Ka-ker (cracker). Pups (puffs). Bapple (apple). Yum-yum (when talking about any food). NO-NO. Fees (fish, gold that is). I think that's it right now! He's been walking since 14 months and 1 week. He loves to dance, and does so by not bending his knees, and walking robot-like in circles! He LOVES Bear. (I cartooned him!)
His security item. He LOVES my dad, Papa. He prefers him over anyone in the room when Papa is around! I need to get a updated pic of them. He loves fresh fruit...remotes...phones...keys...anything w/ buttons...microphones...books...shoes...bathes...his bed...animals...the outside...other kids and babies...ALL food!...daddy's bellybutton...computers...light switches...dvd cases...wipey's, when he can pull them one by one out of the box...the cupboard door we didn't safety-proof because its plastic dishes....the broom...wooden spoons...the vaccum cleaner...ALL balls...anything round he can call a ball (yesterday, went crazy at Target, thinking he could play with the big red balls that line the front of the store!)...loud music w/ daddy...all stuffed animals (hugs them and says awwww!)...clean laundry piles, STILL..."Al-go" (Elmo!)...tunnels with blankets, peoples' legs, anything!... His 15-month check up is tomorrow, so then I can add weight/height. Can't wait to see how far he's come from 3 lbs 14 oz/16 inches!
Unfortunetely, Girly Girl HATES to have her picture taken right now, so I have beg and plead to get her to smile nice, or NOT put her hand in front of the camera! We saw a beautiful white sundress at Target yesterday, and I told her she would look so pretty in it, running on the beach! She agreed, and I think I'll get some pictures of that! But, that's at LEAST 4 months away!


  1. What a great time I had spending time with your sweet children (smile). I'm with Girly Girl, I dislike having my picture taken also. Maybe one day I'll share a picture on my blog.

  2. I praise God with you! He is so faithful!
    Blessings to you and your family.

  3. Thank you Andrea! I visited your blog...very peaceful! Thanks for visiting mine!


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