Thursday, March 26, 2009

Back to Real Life...Somewhat

I just caught up on MckMama's blogs......It seems as if things are the same, although I don't know about how the night went, and how things are this morning. I guess my question is, how long can Stellan have such a fast heart rate, and since it was brought on by getting the cold/respiratory illness/nebulizer treatments, then will it go away soon? The pictures she has posted of him are so adorable! The one where he is sleeping happened to post right next to a picture of him on the left side bar from when he was an infant....his face is turned the same way, same sleeping baby. So precious. Again, her courage and faith are carrying me through another day!

Thought I'd add the pics of the room the DiSH and I stayed in last Saturday night on our little 24 hour getaway! And then I've got to write another post and add my "little jailbird" pics to that one. Wait 'til you see......!

haha! This picture took three tries, with the timer on my little kodak camera! The DiSH was very patient with my little project!

What you must know is, our bedroom at home is soooo small. Our king-sized bed takes up the whole room, with a small path around it! My next Honey Do project is for the DiSH to build big shelves in a small area so that the two dressers that are jammed in there can GO. So, being in all this S P A C E, was great!! Sorry it looks a little messy...but there was no cleaning allowed! And don't you just love the DiSH's big 'ole boots?! Yep, March in Maine calls for boots of some kind! We call it Mud Season. :)


  1. I have issues - when I saw the boots, I said to the computer screen as if your husband could hear... "Get those boots out of the bed!" I did notice they are hanging on the edge though (smile).

  2. that's funny! I too thought, Hey, your BOOTS are on the bed! But I held it in, thinking, its not MY bed! :)

  3. Amen, girl. I told you I have issues, but I'm getting there (lol)


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