Monday, March 9, 2009

Another Not Me! Monday...

Okay, truth time...
The truth is, I wasn't going to do a Not Me! Monday until I read MckMama's, and when I saw that she could post about how she nurses her baby at night, then I thought, okay, I won't hide!
1) I did NOT let 2 weeks go by before finally shaving my legs, because I was NOT freezing cold in the bathroom as it was, and just wanting to get out of the shower and get dressed! Maine winters....BRRR!
2) I did NOT go on and on about a science fair project idea with Girly Girl, hoping she would choose my choice of making homemade perfume over doing a BORING animal research project that she originally chose first! She chose the perfume...and got into it, making 5 new kinds, spending 2+ hours on it by herself yesterday!
3) I did NOT hide the rest of the YUMMY marinated broccoli that the DiSH made, from my vegan brother-in-law when he visited the other night, instead telling him, Oh Sorry! All we really have for snacks is the icecream we bought! I LOVE that broccoli!
4) I did NOT almost not tell my mother that Tuesday night is Girl's Night, instead thinking I would like both of my sisters to myself, and don't feel like sharing them for a night!
5) I did NOT just, as I write, pretend not to hear Little Man awaking from his nap, and realize I have not showered yet, gotta GOOOOO!!!


  1. I didn't see an email so I'll post it here. Most people think Andrew looks like his daddy but we can't tell. His daddy thinks he looks like me and well, I definitely have no idea. Of course, after carrying him for 9 months, it would be nice for him to look like me but...

    He was almost 3 weeks early but he did start taking steps at 11 months and fully walking at 11.5 months. He isn't so sure about walking outside just yet!

    A bonus is a huge room in our house that could be split into two bedrooms it's so big. But, it can be used as a playroom, office, tv room, game room, etc. We spend 95% of our time up here. For us, it's an office, playroom and tv room combined. A lot of new houses have them.

  2. Lisa, I found you while blog browsing (smile). I don't have the follow me feature on my blog for a crazy reason, but since you requested, maybe I'll add it. I wanted to email you, but didn't see an email address.


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