Monday, February 23, 2009

this is irritating...

Blogger just must be really busy tonight! I had put comments to my pics, but it didn't take. I mainly wanted to say, hahaha!!! The big puffy coat!! It was a second-hand "gift" from a friend. Now that I've seen myself in it, I can only laugh. My head looks so small! And then, there's a picture of my hubby "raking" the roof. We have to do this, so that ice doesn't build up. As it is, we had some terrible ceiling leaks, and in the spring/summer, my carpenter of a Man has to redo our roof AND the ceilings! :( He has a terrible chest cold, and we are fearing walking pneumonia. Tomorrow, at the job site he's on, he's going to ask the home owner to listen to his lungs. He hates doctors, so I'm proud of him to be willing to let this guy, a nurse practitioner, take a listen! I think if the NP says GO to the doctor, he will. Please pray for him. He's our sole income, and if he can' work, working for yourself doesn't allow for sick pay. He's such a hard worker, so loyal, so caring, just my Life. As we speak, he's watching tv (The Bachelor with me, even though he'd rather be watching House!)and talking about taking a vacation with me, just me, because he misses our alone time together! Ahhhh....a vacation. With no kids.... daydream! :)Anyway, I hope to blog a lot more this week. And catch up with all other blogs! I have read MOST of the blogs I follow. :) I know that LaLaLisa bought some new bathroom stuff...nice! I know that Jamie and Co. have a new name...I love it. :) I know that Rhiali is finished the home study...yay! And there is more, that was just proof that I do keep up with you guys! I love you all in my own weird blogger way! until next blog....Sleep well... ZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzz.........

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