Tuesday, January 6, 2009

My To-Do List

A fellow Blogger posted hers, so here's mine! Let's see if making it public helps get it done!!

1) Read proper chapter from the book "The Vaccine Book" by Dr. Robert Sears before Little Man's shot appt. tomorrow.

2)Make oatmeal peanut butter cookies for the kids' school lunches.

3)Tackle the never-ending laundry pile.

4)Scan old high school pictures into my computer so I can share them on FaceBook with classmates.

5)Watch the new exercise video I got, "Total Workout in Ten! Get the body you want--in the time you have!" by the magazine Women's Health BEFORE I attempt it, making sure it's for me!

6)Read my Bible assignment for the day, making sure I stick with the plan so I accomplish reading the whole thing by the end of the year.

7)Color my hair. Roots are really bad right now.

8)Show my mom the crochet pattern I want her to teach me, so I can make my first afagan for myself.

9)Pick which person I'm getting Christmas done for this month.

10)Confirm babysitter for Thursday, when I go to New Student Orientation at COLLEGE!!

11)Work on Sabbath School plans for cradlerollers.

12)Purchase the Nesting Tables I really want for the living room, and that the DiSH said he actually liked too!

13)Pick a date for a Date with the DiSH, going to Olive Garden with the gift certificate my parents gave us for Christmas, which includes free babysitting! Good gift mom!

14)Get the beans soaking so I can cook 'em.

I think that's it for now!


  1. Sounds like your day is full...just like mine! I hope it's a good one!!

  2. That book by Sears is an absolute must read! All of his dad's books are great also.

    You have one long to-do-list lady, I know about those! Except I am not brave enough to post them because only about half gets done before I add more and then they end up a big fat mess...I have half done to-do lists hidden all over this house!

    Your last item was a good reminder to me, soak the beans, I will be heading into the kitchen to do just that same thing in a moment.

    Thanks for your advice on my post, I always get hung up on the what if's big time.


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