Thursday, November 20, 2008

Christmas in October

Well, he did it again. My dear sweet husband, (DSH from here on out) gets antsy every October, and starts buying me things.....things he could've waited just 2 more months and wrapped and put under the Christmas tree! So, this October it was a Kitchen Aid. Professional, 600 or something like that. It's red. It's awesome. I have not yet made any bread, but I will try. I made pie crust, came out so flaky! Made our favorite vegetarian alternative to meat balls, Cream Cheese Balls, and they were so well blended. They are, by hand, so hard to mix! I am not trying to be ungrateful, I hate sounding like I am. He's like a kid when it comes to gifts, loves the surprise, but the secret kills him! He also bought me a new glider rocker for Caleb's room. I had been doing my best with an old computer chair that only rocked back an inch or two! I love him, he's crazy. And I should say, he does real well at actual Christmas too, so why am I complaining?!


  1. Love it! Wow, so you get like 3 months worth of presents, nice! I am really interested in your alternative to meatballs,those sound so yummy!

    My husband also has a hard time with keeping the presents a secret, he solves that by waiting until about the day before Christmas to even think about shopping, for anyone! Drives me crazy (which is why he does it I'm sure). I have to say though that he is way better at getting great things for me then I am for him. But to be fair, he always just wants tools, and they all sound the same to me, so I always forget what kinds he mentioned... uurrrgggg!

  2. Hi! Found you as a follower on my niece's blog. I would love, love to have your recipe for cream cheese balls. My hubby is a vegetarian so I'm always looking for new recipes. Last night I made crabless crab cakes! Yum!

  3. Thank you for your comment and I am so very sorry to hear about your little one.

    I was just quoting the website, not saying that myself (that it's easier for women who've lost recently to understand better) and I just really didn't think about that part. But I agree with you- we'll never forget them.

    Again, I'm so very sorry to hear about your loss!

  4. Ahhhhh I wondered about you when I saw that you were making cream cheese meatballs. Thought that sounded like an SDA recipe. AND Yes, I am too. LOL, small world huh? I'm so happy to meet you.


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